Restoring a failed restoration in the aesthetic zone
Denis Rizzo loves an aesthetic challenge. In this case, he takes on an inaesthetic, failed restoration. Denis explains how he disassociates the new restoration from its inaesthetic predecessor. He also shares his technique for a single bake build-up with emax.

Anatomical, multi-layered zirconia: Part 1
Material performances have improved, in particular translucency, but it is still difficult to compare zirconias to choose the best one. This is due to the lack of a standard to measure light transmission and various types of tests for measuring hardness and abrasiveness. In this article, Remi Desprez discusses various types of zirconia, explaining his preference for high-translucency, multi-layered zirconia, and demonstrating various applications for this material.

Patient Specific Implants in the body
Dentistry has a lot to teach other areas of medecine when it comes to custom medical prostheses. Edward Attenborough has spent the past fifteen years researching and developing software for the customisation of medical implants in the body, based on his experience in dentistry. He presents his brainchild, which has led to his team earning the prestigious Queen's Award.