Equipment for sale

in Equipment for sale

Dental Lab in London closed down. I have two last equipment items for sale:

  • NextDent 5100 3D Printer (2019) for sale with 3 resin trays and the remainder of resin (model 2.0 and Surgical Guides). It’s less than a year old, I have done about 10 prints, so brand new.
  • Vinyl Optical 3D Scanner (2018)

All kit comes complete with calibration equipment and software. I’m willing to let go for below market value as it’s an urgent sale.

Please get in contact: +44 (0) 7940104533 /


Loads of lab equipment at great prices

in Equipment for sale

I am selling loads of equipment, get in touch:

– mihmvogt HT-S sintering furnace £2500.
– Bambi VT250D air compressor £1250.
– Wieland Mini milling machine compete (no license needed), spares £7500.
– Bofa/Vodex DustPRO 100 dust extractor & spare filters. £700.
– DentalWings serie 3 scanner CAD system with C&B software (needs license) £350.
– Renfert MT1 model trimmer £450.
– Renfert Basic Quatro sandblaster (2 tanks) £450.
– Quayle Dorotor monosafe Labcare WS6 workstation (monomer odour filtration) £350.
– Quayle Dorotor polishing lathe unit. £450.

Loads of other equipment, located near Croydon.

Call John 07561559409