RPDs: Why occlusal rests are important
When removable partial dentures fail, it's generally due to poor planning. Gerard Jourda explains why occlusal rest are important, how to positions them and how to integrate rest seats, with examples of numerous designs. This article will bring you up-to-speed to ensure a well-integrated RPD without the risk of failure.

Lab hacks: Harmonising complex shades
Have you ever had a hard time integrating a single crown in the aesthetic zone? It can be even tougher if the surrounding teeth all have different shades. Gaetan Litteri shares a simple hack to harmonise complex shades and get great results.

Aesthetics: Micro layering
What are the advantages of micro layering full-contour restorations? Find out in this article. Benjamin Detrez shares his experience using the liquid ceramic system Miyo, via several full-contour cases, demonstrating how and when to use this product for optimal results.