Dani Farago shares her techniques for microlayering monolithic restorations. This article is packed with detail, and in additon to her build-up and staining techniques, Dani shares tips on numerous subjects, from adjusting the zirconia frameworks to a glaze technique that makes all the difference.

Benjamin Detrez shares an innovative technique: the creation of a duplicate of the patient’s existing full denture using an intra-oral camera. This is used as a custom tray, as well as serving as a guide for the definitive restoration, ensuring predictable results and peace of mind for the dental team.

Fully-digital RPDs
Gabriel Sirbu explains this new and innovative protocol for RPD production, which involves the CAD design of the model, framework, gingiva and teeth, and their
fabrication by selective laser sintering for the metal parts and milling for the acrylic, with path of insertion calculation for assembling the restoration.