The Full Digital Workflow is one of the hottest topics in the industry, and digital impressions are an integral part of this process. Whilst labs have now been managing CAD/CAM systems for some years, the same cannot be said for their dentist partners. However, IOS technology for the digital capture of the intraoral situation is finally catching up. Dentists often turn to their labs, as the technical experts, for advice on the best IOS systems to use and for an explanation on how they work.

Be in the know:

  • Understand the various technologies used by IOS systems
  • Get to grips with the lingo
  • Overview the latest technological advancements
  • Make astute decisions using the Buyer's guide

We have had the priviledge of working on this dossier with Dr François Duret, the father of Dental CAD/CAM.

Whether you are a dental technician, dentist or an industry specialist looking for insight, we hope you'll find this dossier instructive and useful.

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